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Last Updated: November 8th 2014

\\m// See You All On Tour \\m//

The Confronting Entropy Tour with Ulcerate and Wormed is about to begin and will last until the middle of December. We won't be updating this website until we get back from touring, but we want everyone to know that we will constantly be uploading photos and making status updates to our Facebook Page while we're gone, so you can keep up with us there. If you are in Europe, check the Shows Page for tour dates and come to a show! Otherwise, keep up with us on Facebook and we promise to make all of our uploads either genuinely epic or genuinely disturbing. In either case, you won't be disappointed!

Solace Of Requiem Signs Contract With EXTREME MANAGEMENT GROUP

We’re being compared to Origin a lot. Necrophagist is a name that pops up a lot, too. But the neoclassical composition and the binaural element are causing the media not to know who the hell to compare us to! There’s e-dope in our music for fuck’s sake! So we need someone who can make some sense out of all the chaos and put a proper description on our new brand of devastation, so it can be properly brought to the masses. This is no small task! Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, which meant we had to find a successful company that would take on a promising, albeit, a very small band. So, it is with great pleasure that we announce Extreme Management Group as our new management team. We are very excited about our future with EMG and we’ll be making more news announcements involving them very soon. Check back for upcoming announcements.

Kevin Heiderich Returns To Second Guitar Duties For Upcoming Tour

SOR is happy to welcome back Kevin Heiderich on second guitar for our upcoming tour with Ulcerate and Wormed. Kevin was with us last year and is very familiar with us and the music. Which is why we are so shocked that he actually wants to come back and endure the trials and tribulations of another SOR tour! Probably because of all those coffee shops he goes to in the Netherlands?! That guy sure loves Dutch coffee! Anyway, checkout Kevin on Facebook HERE. For a complete list of tour dates, please visit our SHOWS PAGE.

Free Stream Of The Entire New Album, Casting Ruin! Now Available Worldwide!

Solace of Requiem News Page Archives for Old News Announcements

Solace of Requiem News Page Archives for Old News Announcements

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