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Last Updated: May 27th 2015

Guitar Play-Through Video - Watch Richard Gulczynski perform 'Heaving Bile And Ash'

Our neighborhood guitar wizard Richard Gulczynski recently uploaded a video of himself performing the madness of 'Heaving Bile And Ash'. He had originally planned on putting a few hundred clocks behind him, as well as a Mayan Calendar, some hourglasses and a bust of Chronos, but he thought that would make his video seem just as pointless as the last band's video was that used that tactic. Oh well... We can always imagine what it would look like to have the god of time staring at him while he played! We've also uploaded the guitar tablature for this song (Guitar Pro 5.2). So if anyone wants to give it a try, you can download the tabs HERE. We hate to state the obvious, but to prevent anyone's junk getting caught in a ceiling fan... Advanced Guitar Players Only! You can also download the audio (MP3 or WAV) for free on our Music and Tablature page. Good luck! And don't forget to turn off those ceiling fans!

('TuxGuitar' is a freeware that will read Guitar Pro files. Click HERE to visit the Tux Guitar download page via

Guitar Play-Through for Heaving Bile And Ash (2015)

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Solace of Requiem News Page Archives for Old News Announcements

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