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News Archives For 2015

Download The Guitar Pro Tablature For 'Soiling The Fields Of Putridity'

We are receiving a lot of requests to release our guitar tablature to the public. With the use of our binaural audio methods, as well as our statements about the complexity of our compositions, many people are requesting that we release our tablature and let the world decide for themselves. Well, you asked for it, so here it is! Here is the Guitar Pro 5.2 file for our song Soiling The Fields Of Putridity. The file isn't absolutely perfect, but it's what we used to learn and record the material in the studio. Having said that, we feel it's only fair to warn you before you download these tabs... Advanced Guitar Players Only!

- Click Here To Download The GP5 File -

The Confronting Entropy European Tour Is Over

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us in Europe during the tour with Ulcerate and Wormed. A special thanks to all the bands, promoters and especially, the fans! We would also like to thank Luuk and DoomStar Booking, without whom, none of this would have been possible, as well as Kevin Heiderich, for playing second guitar for us again this year. We could have never done it without you all and we thank you! See you all again next year! \\m//

- Click Here To View Our Photos From The Tour -

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News Archives For 2014

\\m// See You All On Tour \\m//

The Confronting Entropy Tour with Ulcerate and Wormed is about to begin and will last until the middle of December. We won't be updating this website until we get back from touring, but we want everyone to know that we will constantly be uploading photos and making status updates to our Facebook Page while we're gone, so you can keep up with us there. If you are in Europe, check the Shows Page for tour dates and come to a show! Otherwise, keep up with us on Facebook and we promise to make all of our uploads either genuinely epic or genuinely disturbing. In either case, you won't be disappointed!

Solace Of Requiem Signs Contract With EXTREME MANAGEMENT GROUP

We’re being compared to Origin a lot. Necrophagist is a name that pops up a lot, too. But the neoclassical composition and the binaural element are causing the media not to know who the hell to compare us to! There’s e-dope in our music for fuck’s sake! So we need someone who can make some sense out of all the chaos and put a proper description on our new brand of devastation, so it can be properly brought to the masses. This is no small task! Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, which meant we had to find a successful company that would take on a promising, albeit, a very small band. So, it is with great pleasure that we announce Extreme Management Group as our new management team. We are very excited about our future with EMG and we’ll be making more news announcements involving them very soon. Check back for upcoming announcements.

Kevin Heiderich Returns To Second Guitar Duties For Upcoming Tour

SOR is happy to welcome back Kevin Heiderich on second guitar for our upcoming tour with Ulcerate and Wormed. Kevin was with us last year and is very familiar with us and the music. Which is why we are so shocked that he actually wants to come back and endure the trials and tribulations of another SOR tour! Probably because of all those coffee shops he goes to in the Netherlands?! That guy sure loves Dutch coffee! Anyway, checkout Kevin on Facebook HERE. For a complete list of tour dates, please visit our SHOWS PAGE.

Want To Know What A Gravity Blast Looks Like In 1st Person? No Problem!
Watch Dave Tedesco's purely insane drumming techniques as he performs DEFILING THE SPECTRUM

Watch The Music Video For Soiling The Fields Of Putridity


Watch The Album Trailer For Casting Ruin


10% Of All Online Clothing Sales Will Now Be Donated To A Charity For Children

It is with extreme pleasure that we can finally say that Solace Of Requiem will now be donating 10% of all online clothing sales towards three wonderful children's charities. We wanted to give our "secular" support to Science and The Arts and we are delighted to say that we have found three charities that fit that criteria perfectly. But before we tell you about the charities, we're going to tell you a little bit about how this works. Firstly, the 10% donation is non negotiable. If you buy an article of clothing from our Online Store, 10% of that money is going to one of those three charities for kids, whether you like it or not. The next thing you need to know is that when you select the size and quantity of your order, you will see an additional drop-down menu that will give you the list of three charities you have to choose from. It is your choice which of the three charities your 10% will be donated to. However, if you choose not to select one of the charities before making your purchase, your 10% will be automatically donated to our default charity. We'll tell you more about who that default is really soon. First we'd like to tell you about how the money will be handled. PayPal will not be involved in any of the transactions. However, you will have the donation accounted for on your bill and receipt from PayPal. Once every 3 months, we will tally all the numbers and make a donation to each charity accordingly. This ensures that the 10% you have donated will not be taxed on our end and the full dollar amount of your percentage will be given to the charity you have chosen.

Wow! Sure glad all that's out of the way! Now we can tell you a little bit more about the charities. First up is our default choice. In other words, if you don't make a selection on the charity drop-down menu, then your 10% will go to these guys by default. And this prestigious title goes to none other than The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. For those of you not familiar with TDZF, they are an international organization that is dedicated to bringing art and music to unfortunate children all over the globe. Some kids they help have never even seen a crayon, let alone a musical instrument. Who knows what Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso lives in a place with no damn crayons?! There just so happens to be plenty of places with no crayons, so that's why they need your help. Please visit WWW.DREAMINGZEBRA.ORG to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Next up we have a place that we personally felt brought the whole idea together. Without them, it wouldn't be nearly as awesome for us as it is now that we get to write Camp Quest will be on our unholy trinity of charities. If you have never heard of Camp Quest, we strongly encourage you all to take a look. CQ provides residential summer camps for the children of atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists, and humanists. Their mission is to instill certain values in children, such as integrity, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and community. CQ has camps in various location in the United States, as well one in the UK and one in Switzerland. There also happens to be one in our beloved frontman's hometown of Tidewater, Virginia. To learn more about Camp Quest and all the great things they do, please visit them at WWW.CAMPQUEST.ORG.

Last, but certainly not least, our third and final charity to receive our heathen support is the International Child Art Foundation. ICAF is known for the many things in regard to bringing art to more unfortunate children. However, there's one thing that these guys do that really makes us want to help them in their honorable cause and that is that they work mainly with children that have suffered through natural disasters, catastrophes and even war. These guys do all they can to bring art and its education to children all over the world and we are very proud to be one of their supporters. If you would like to learn more about ICAF and their ongoing mission to bring color to bleak situations, please visit them at WWW.ICAF.ORG.

Now we only have one piece of the puzzle that's missing. YOU! So get off your ass and go help these kids and yourself by picking up some Solace Of Requiem merchandise. Although you'd be far less fashionable, if you'd like to donate to the charities directly without buying any of our merchandise, please click on one of the above links or view them on our Links Page. HAIL SCIENCE \\m//

Ulcerate, Wormed, Solace Of Requiem and Gigan, Confronting Entropy European Tour 2014

Solace Of Requiem will be touring Europe in November and December with Ulcerate, Wormed, Gigan and one support band TBA. A big thank you to The Flaming Arts Agency and Doomstar Bookings for their part in having us participate! We will also be touring as headliner on a smaller tour in Eastern Europe around this same time. More details on that are coming soon! Please check our Shows Page for information and updates.

Ulcerate, Wormed, Solace Of Requiem, Gigan Europe Tour 2014

New Music Video & Album Trailer Will Be Released August 14th / Video Still Frames Uploaded

We have an album trailer and a brand new music video for our song Soiling The Fields Of Putridity from our new album Casting Ruin coming out on August 14th! We will upload both the album trailer and the video to all of our sites on that day. However, we will actually be uploading more than one version of the music video to the respective sites. We will upload an uncensored version of the video that has brief nudity in it. The other version we upload will have those parts edited. If we have managed to pique your interest, take a look at some still frames from the video shoot HERE.

Solace Of Requiem Signs Deal With The Flaming Arts Agency
Solace of Requiem's Management and Booking Company

Solace Of Requiem is pleased to announce that The Flaming Arts Agency will now be representing the band as their booking and management company. We are all expecting great things from the new album (Casting Ruin), that has been slated for release this August. And now, with the help of TFA, things are looking better than ever!

Be on the lookout for tour announcements, various promotional endeavors, as well as new audio and video media, as we get set to kick this whole thing off. We hope you're all ready for the onslaught?! SOR would like to sincerely thank Jon Knight for believing in them and giving them this opportunity!

Solace Of Requiem Signs Deal With ViciSolum Productions

Coming this August on ViciSolum Productions, Solace Of Requiem's fourth album, Casting Ruin, will be released! A very special "thank you" to Thomas Hörnkvist and ViciSolum Productions for giving us this opportunity. The album contains 9 tracks and will be available in digital formats, as well as on CD and Vinyl. Before its release, we will have a video made for one of the tracks. We will also be doing presales for the album, so stayed tuned for more info. Casting Ruin was recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Elliot at Mana Studios in St. Petersberg, Florida, 2013.

"We are looking forward to releasing our new album and showing the world what can be done with music when one is not conformed to the status quo. Originality is our objective! And with our new music, no one will be able to deny that synopsis. You will never hear anything like this from another band. We do not create what has already been done. Although we are not the Omega... We are the Alpha! HAIL SCIENCE!" - Jeff Sumrell, Solace Of Requiem

Solace of Requiem album 2014
Solace of Requiem record label

Jeff Sumrell Takes Over Bass & Vocal Duties For RESURRECTION On Tour

Solace Of Requiem is happy to announce that SOR's own Jeff Sumrell will be taking over bass and vocal duties for Florida old school death metal legends, Resurrection, during their tour of Europe this March. In 2010, Jeff had taken over vocal duties for the band when their original singer, Paul Degolyer, had a family emergency and had to leave Europe unexpectedly at the beginning of the tour. The band had since acquired a new member, but things didn't work out between them and it ultimately left Resurrection without a bassist and singer for their upcoming tour dates in Europe. Jeff was contacted directly by the band and asked to fill the role. Jeff has agreed and so he will be hitting the road with the band in the next month.

New Album, New Label, New Videos and Much More COMING SOON

A lot has happened since the new album was first recorded at Mana Studio last year! There are plans to shoot a new video for one of the songs, as well as create an album trailer. There are also some shows and tours being planned. And perhaps most importantly of all, there are plans to promote and release the album on a New Label!

That's right! We finally found a suitable label to release the new material! Obviously, we're very happy to have found a label that is as committed as we are to seeing this album do well. But the thing that we're most happy about, is no longer having to weed through all the bogus "labels" that wanted our album for absolutely nothing in return! We found a company that is an actual label, and not a wanna-be label, like it seems the industry is currently teaming with. This was no easy task! But, it's over now. And boy does it feel exhilarating!

Unfortunately, we can't go into too much detail about who it is and all that stuff. The contract is still pending and as the saying goes, anything can happen! So, for now, all we can say is that the album is scheduled to be released in late August 2014. So some really good things are going to start happening soon and we're excited as hell to tell you all about it once it's finalized.

The album promotion will start soon. So that means reviews, radio and all that stuff will be visible shortly. As well as a new video and an album trailer. We also have some show dates in the USA and in EU that will be posted soon. Rest assured, that as soon as we finalize a single aspect of this endeavor, it will be posted accordingly. In other words, a whole lot of posts are going to be made over the next few months. We will make each post in the same way we take our bong rips.... One at a time, brothers and sisters! One at a time!

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News Archives For 2013

The EU Tour is over now :( You know, the musicians are the only ones in today's society that love their craft so much, that they actually spend their own hard earned money just to go to work again! We love the road! Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, all the screaming, fighting, drinking and smoking, we fucking love every single minute of it!

It's just a sad and somber moment when the realization kicks in that there's no show tonight. And we have so much work ahead of us in order to be able to spend another crazy few weeks eating bad food (or not eating at all), driving extremely long hours under cramped conditions and suffering through all the other wonderful hardships that make up the stories that we could never tell our grandchildren.

We love it so much that we will do everything in our power to get back on the road ASAP. We're just in the process of submitting all our press kits containing our new album. So, hopefully we'll get some management, label support and/or booking assistance soon that will ultimately lead to us getting back out on tour this summer?!

We thank every single one of you that helped us do this 2013 tour in one way or another. We might forget to mention a few people, but we don't mean it in a bad way! After all, you were probably as ripped as we were! And we were pretty ripped! So if we forget you, just recall the foggy memories of the fun we had together!

Firstly we have to thank Kevin Heiderich for playing second guitar for us live. He did a great job! He was a fun guy that was a bit moody sometimes, yet, made up for it with his epic ability to say the weirdest shit while wearing women's shoes! We also have to give a preliminary "thank you" to Andreas Maierhofer and Lost Dreams, as well as Fabio Riaudo and the awesome guys with Unknown - The Southern Cockblasters, for being a part of our tour. Than you guys so much!

Thank you to Sebastian Mischitz, Wolfgang Reutz and the Dornbirn Crew for all their hospitality! The tour would have really sucked without all of you! Etze, Ann and the Iron Eagle Crew for not only having a spot for us on their festival, but allowing us to crash in their bar (The Iron Eagle) during our downtime in Germany. Patrick Roscher, Markus, Päskill and Chains Of God, Roman Meixner and all our awesome friends and fans from Germany! You are all deeply appreciated!

Mihai Coro Caraveteanu, Florin Bunget, Traian and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, Florescu Paul Lucian, Guilherme Miranda and all the great guys from Krow, Federico and the guys from Riul Doamnei, Corny Hammer and Ahab, Pontus Arvidsson and all the other great promoters, bands and AMAZING fans and friends in Romania! You are all forever in our hearts! We can only hope to come back to see you again for another great time in your beautiful, lively and poorly understood country! You guys were the best part of the tour! And that's saying a lot, considering your roads FUCKING SUCK! :D

Thank you to all our Holland friends! Some of you I can't tag. Some of you, well, we just can't remember your names! SORRY!! But you do live in a place where weed is legal and junk food is the national specialty! You guys are all awesome! Especially the people that let us crash at their places! Bas Wijnbergen, Rene Brugmans and Burning Hatred! Thanks sooooooo much guys! Wilco de Vries! Thanks man! All the guys from Waco Jesus and their incredibly funny tour package! All you guys were awesome, it's just too bad we didn't have more time to spend together!

Dirk (our awesome friend with Dreadlocks)! THANK YOU MAN! And do let us know about hooking us up with a certain booking agency you said you could help us send our new album to! Not saying any names ;) And also our other friends from Drachten who let us sleep at their places, fed us, kept us baked and ultimately had a shitty experience with us because you lost your wallet. That really sucks bro! I hope you find it because it was more than slightly awkward to be guests in a house where a wallet is missing!

All the amazing people in Steenwijk at the De Buze! You took excellent care of us, housed us and made us breakfast! The bad news is now we want to move in! How much is rent? Twan Sibon and his hospitality! And the one gift that we could really appreciate.... A package of Stroopwafels for each of us! And again, all the amazing friends and fans from around the EU that have supported us! THANK YOU ALL!!

Now it's time for us to go back to work! We'll do whatever we can to make it out to you all again soon! Hopefully this whole "press kit" thing will work out for the best?! We can't predict the future, but we can tell you this.... Our belief is that the only viable way for us to succeed in the music industry is to play live! Music is no longer a product, it's promotion! So we can guarantee you all that if/when we do contract some help, it's going to be help for getting us on the road as close to 365 as possible! See you all again soon! You were all amazing and we miss you already!!

Click Here To See The Tour Photos.

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After 2 years of writing, countless late nights, blood, sweat, tears, and several other more questionable body fluids, SOR is now ready to shop their fourth studio album for label consideration. The new album has been fully mixed and mastered by the very talented Mr. Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is ready to be sent out in order to solicit label support.

It's funny how so much of your life is spent just trying to afford yourself a single chance at greatness. So much time, thought and passion went into this album's creation that it's almost scary to think that in a few months, the album will either have label support or it will not. A blunt and sudden end to a long and arduous process, that will ultimately grant the satisfaction of success, or the cold and somber haze of dissatisfaction.

The album will by no means be a failure, just because it doesn't get signed to a label! But this album is really great and we expect big things from it. The composition of the album is like nothing ever conceived before! It's still blackened death metal, and holy hell is it brutal! But it has it's own structure that is totally unique to anything before it, with the exception to classical music composition. That, and it has amazing beauty not only in it's structure, but in the outrageously haunting and epic passages throughout. Especially the parts with guitar solos! The album goes to places that no one has ever dreamed of before, and with such a great masterpiece, one can only hope for the biggest audience to have the opportunity to appreciate it.

This is why it's so crucial to have label support for this album. Honestly, the money just isn't there for us to properly promote this album on our own. To have the proper audience hear it, we'd need to have magazine ads, serious web promotion, tours, festivals, album trailers, videos, etc.., and unfortunately, we just don't have the cash to facilitate all that stuff alone anymore. So we're hoping to combine forces with a label on this effort, and really get this one out there to the masses. It deserves to be heard!

With any luck, this album will get to the right person's ears and we'll be well on our way to bringing it to yours in no time. Be patient, wish us luck, and we'll hopefully be putting this album out soon and totally blowing your mind! Classically Composed and Brutally Rendered!!

Please, no review or radio requests yet! This album will stay unreleased until we have the time to properly shop it. But if you're with a label and/or management company, and you are interested in receiving a copy of our album and 2013 presskit. Please Contact Us for information on how to receive it by mail post or download it online.

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There will be at least four shows that Solace Of Requiem will play on the USA's east coast this summer.
A big thank you to Gutter and Gutter Christ Productions, Ed and Wendigo Productions, as well as all the great people from The Binary Code and the NYDM! Our European Tour Dates will also be announced very soon! Please view our Shows Page for dates and locations.

In other news, we have set a few festivals in Europe (November To Dismember Festival - Bucharest, Romania and Autumn From Hell Festival - Saxony, Germany) for November of this year. We are currently booking all the other shows around these festivals and turning it in to a small tour with our good friend Wolfi and his band God Hate Code from Austria, as well as some new friends in the band Unknown from Italy.

Thank you to all of the people who are helping put this European effort together. Especially Coro, Traian and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, Etze, Ann and the Iron Eagle crew, Micha Morgenstern and Morningstar Concerts and Booking, Domi and Catapult Promotion, and my good friends in Italy, Gaetano and Marco.

We are also planning some shows in August and early September in the United States, but, at this time, we only have prospective shows and nothing solidly booked yet. We hope to get something rolling here soon and bring the madness to the States for some select nights, but we're not quite sure we can do it yet.

We will post the festival dates in Europe mentioned above, as well as the shows being booked around them, as soon as it all gets ironed out. If/When we have USA shows, we will post them at that time as well. However, at this time, we'll keep our shows page on our website blank. Check back for more info soon.....

Lastly, we have some new band pictures up. Please visit our Pictures Page to see some of the best ones in full color. And/Or visit us on Facebook to see some extras shots that aren't on this website. A big thank you goes to Tom Tedesco for taking the shots, and to Anja Pesek with Captive Imagery for editing them!

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Solace Of Requiem just got finished tracking their fourth studio album (Name Withheld) at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. This album is going to be ridiculous! It's outrageously brutal and insanely epic! The instrumentation and composition is nothing short of mind blowing! This album will rewrite theory and surpass everything that anyone has ever done or attempted in metal, guaranteed! A few big surprises will be announced soon too!! Expect the album to be released this summer. More details coming soon.... SOR would like to thank to everybody that helped them. Especially Brian Elliott who stuck with them through all the chaos without committing suicide nor homicide, and Erik Rutan for letting them in his studio, even though they looked like vagrants!!!!

Solace Of Requiem with Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studio
Solace Of Requiem with Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studio

It's almost time for the studio again! This February Solace Of Requiem will be recording their new album in St. Petersburg, Florida at Mana Recording Studios. In the meantime, a few shows have been scheduled. Please visit our Shows Page for dates and locations. More shows and music coming soon!

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News Archives For 2012

Behold! The new Solace of Requiem logo is here!!
A big THANK YOU to Roman Meixner and Mental Contamination Artwork for its creation.

New Solace Of Requiem Logo 2012

Solace of Requiem would also like to welcome back Richard Gulczynski on guitar duties. Some fans in Europe might remember Richard from SOR's tour with Vomitory and Prostitute Disfigurement in late 2011. Richard will be taking up guitar duties again for the recording of the bands new album at Mana Studios, scheduled for early next year. Next to composing the music, finding the correct musicians to play it all is Jeff's hardest job. However, Richard's professional nature and work ethic has made the decision for a guitarist far less complicated than for previous albums.

The studio date has been moved back to February in order to allow for a bit more practice. The simple fact is that the new material is very complex. No one is having "problems", it's just that the band wants the album to be perfect! Instead of rushing things to make the original studio date set in November, the band elected to set it back two months to get some extra editing time. The material is definitely worth it! This album will truly be amazing!!

Also, Solace of Requiem will be playing a few shows in the United States this December.
Please visit our Shows Page for dates and locations.

In 2012 Solace of Requiem has concentrated solely on writing new music and preparing to record their new album. While writing the new material the band realized that they had finally discovered the perfect musical direction they wanted to follow. The new album will be the first album that the band feels is the proper evolution of SOR's brand of blackened death metal. So because of this reason, Solace of Requiem has decided to treat the first three releases as if they were only practice for the band's fourth album. SOR will therefor release their fourth and most brutal album with a new band logo (coming soon). The band only briefly considered changing their name but ultimately opted against it. The album will be recorded in November 2012 at Mana Recording Studios In St. Petersburg, Florida. It is possible that the band will play a few shows in the United States after the studio time. SOR is also trying to plan another small tour in Europe for 2013. However, the main goal for this year will be to record their new album and, of course, find a record label to release their newest album once it is finished.

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News Archives For 2011

Click Here To See The Tour Photos

What a great tour! Solace of Requiem would like to thank all the people responsible for the Believe In Nothing Tour 2011 and the No End To Suffering Tour 2011. Especially Mike, Michael & Boni (Boner) @ BCP Agency. When's Dinner Boner?"  Dieter (Heavy D) the soundman, Conny the merch girl, Erik & Vomitory, Neils & Prostitute Disfigurement, Karsten & Disbelief and Patrick & Xiom.
A big thanks to Ondrej, Luigi and all the other amazing promoters. Another big thanks goes to Tortharry, Tales Of Deleria and all the other great support bands for the tour.
Many thanks to Claudia Brüggenkamp @ Stage Secrets Management, Nathanella @ Photomusic, Hellbangeuse Live Photography, Daniel Horlbogen @ Live Frenzy, Anja @ Captive Imagery, Tomáš Šrejber and all the other great photographers & videographers that filmed SOR.
Please visit our Photos Page to see some of their photos and links to see their entire photo albums. A video from Paris is above. The sound quality is to be expected from a live concert captured on a handheld camera, but it was such an absolutely amazing show that it has been proudly added to the site.
Last but not least.... Thank you to all the fans who supported us! This tour was incredible and we owe it all to the metal fans of Europe. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

SOR In EU Tour 2011 Part 1 SOR In EU Tour 2011 Part 2

Solace of Requiem would like to welcome Richard Gulczynski as their 2nd guitarist for the 31 upcoming European tour dates with Vomitory and Disbelief, respectively. Richard is a Philadelphia based guitarist who is perhaps best known for playing bass guitar for Decapitated during their U.S. tour with Nile. SOR guitarist George Arguello will unfortunately be unable to play the tour because of his studies.

Change Of Plans! Many SOR fans have been waiting patiently for the SOR In EU Tour schedule (parts 1 & 2) to be released. Well, we've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the "Part 2" portion of the tour scheduled with Mor Dagor will have to be cancelled. It always sucks to have to cancel shows when so many people have worked hard to arrange them. But SOR had a late opportunity to get on a bigger billing and that opportunity was just too good to pass-up. Which brings us to the good news..

Solace of Requiem will instead be touring Europe (from October 28th until approximately November 20th) with Vomitory and Prostitute Disfigurement. At this time the show schedule has not been released, nor has the artwork/promotion. But as soon as it is, we will have it posted here for all to see. The "Part 1" portion of the tour scheduled with Disbelief and Xiom has NOT yet been canceled. If possible, SOR will play Part 1 of the original tour as well as the tour with Vomitory and Prostitute Disfigurement.

Sorry to all of the promoters, clubs, bands and fans that might be disappointed in SOR's cancelling. Especially Michael Morgenstern with MorningStar Booking and Events, and everyone from Mor Dagor. "I Guess We Owe You Some Beers?!" A very big Thank You to Michael, Mike and everyone else at BCP Agency for putting SOR on the Vomitory & P.D. tour. See you all on the road....

SOR's 3rd CD The Great Awakening (Produced By Andy Classen - Krisiun, Belphegor, Legion Of The Damned, Rotting Christ and more..) is NOW AVAILABLE. Click the CD image below for more album information or click on the blue links below for online album reviews.

Another Amazing Review of SOR's 3rd CD The Great Awakening (Produced By Andy Classen - Krisiun, Belphegor, Legion Of The Damned, Rotting Christ and more..) has been posted online. If you are wondering how the CD sounds and whether or not you'd be interested in the album, please check the many great online reviews of the CD. Start here with one of the best so far, from one of the internet's most reliable sources of metal information.
CD Review by Metal Review (In English)

If you want to Review or Broadcast Our New CD please Contact Us to request a promotional copy of the album. There are some Online Reviews of the new CD beginning to emerge on the web. We can't post them all but here are a few of the best ones so far:
CD Review by Lords Of Metal (In English)
CD Review by Loucifer Speaks (In English)
CD Review by Metal Dot DE (In German)
CD Review by Power Metal Dot DE (In German)
CD Review by Metal Glory Dot DE (In German)

SOR is currently writing new material. The plan is to record a 4 song EP in the summer of 2011 to shop to perspective record labels. During this time there will be no live shows. However, there are talks of another EU tour with the German band Moshquito in the spring of 2012. Also, depending on where the new EP is recorded, a few shows in the USA might be possible during the summer of 2011. Nothing is for certain yet, but SOR is definitely anxious to get back on the road as soon as possible. More info will be posted as soon as it becomes available..

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News Archives For 2010

Solace of Requiem has just returned from the Resurrected In Europe Tour 2010. There are a few photos of the tour that have been added to the Pictures Page. Unfortunately, Resurrection's vocalist Paul DeGolyer had a family emergency only 4 days into the tour which required him to immediately return home to the United States. In order to keep the tour rolling, SOR Bassist / Vocalist Jeff Sumrell assumed vocal duties for Resurrection for the remainder of the tour. For 8 nights Jeff pulled double-duty and performed on stage for both SOR and Resurrection, doing a fine job for both bands. In the words of one of the promoters of the tour.. "That dude is a fucking machine!"

SOR would like to thank everyone who made their tour possible. Especially the great Resurrection for their participation and Alibi For A Murder for being the best support band the tour package could have hoped for. Thanks to Bianca and Ferun Events - Markus and everyone in Kassel - Skystorm Productions and everyone at the K17 in Berlin - Zdenek, Legion and the great people from the Modra Vopice in the Czech Republic - Mark and crew from The Rambler in Eindhoven - Wietze and everyone from Podium Romein - Ron, Bjorn and the great people from Hillegom - Wagina, Enrico and the kick-ass people from Jena - Lukas and the Astra Stube - Andi, Lost Dreams and the fine people from the Live Stage in Innsbruck - Tino, Gastric Ulcer and everyone from Austria's Swiss border - Etze, Annika, Micha and the great patrons of the Iron Eagle Lugau - Last, but certainly not least, the great fans of metal who came to the shows! Without them there would be no point in performing.. Thank you all for supporting SOR and the Resurrected In Europe Tour 2010....

Solace of Requiem will be touring Europe again October 01 - 16 with Florida Death Metal Legends Resurrection The tour was originally scheduled for May/June, but because of the Festival Season, the tour was postponed until October. SOR would like to thank Conny with Knark Art Gallery and Bianca with Ferun Events for all their help, as well as Resurrection for agreeing to take part. Tour Promotion is beginning now that the tour dates are solidified. The tour has been named Resurrected In Europe and the schedule is as follows:

October 01 @ ARM - Kassel, Germany
October 02 @ K17 - Berlin, Germany
October 03 @ Modrá Vopice - Praha 9, Czech Republic
October 06 @ The Rambler - Eindhoven, Holland
October 07 @ The Romien - Leeuwarden, Holland
October 08 @ jcSolution - Hillegom, Holland
October 09 @ Cafe' Wagner - Jena, Germany
October 12 @ Astra Stube - Hamburg, Germany
October 13 @ Livestage - Innsbruck, Austria
October 14 @ Viper Room - Vienna (Wien), Austria
October 15 @ Kulturcafe' - Dornbirn, Austria
October 16 @ Iron Eagle - Lugau, Germany

The release date of Solace of Requiem's third CD "The Great Awakening" (Produced by the great Andy Classen - Krisiun, Belphegor, Rotting Christ . .) has been postponed until October. The CD was originally scheduled for release in June, but because of the postponement of the tour with Resurrection, the release date of the album has now been pushed back to coincide with the start of the tour. The CD will now be available for purchase in October through our distribution outlets, directly from the band (Via PayPal) and at our live shows. Hope to see you all on tour!!

Solace of Requiem's third CD "The Great Awakening" (Produced by the great Andy Classen - Krisiun, Belphegor, Rotting Christ . .) is set for release in June. Solace of Requiem would like to thank: "Weed for being so delicious. Andy Classen and Stage One Studio for all of his hard work. Gragoth and Luciferium War Graphics for the awesome cover art. Anja and Captive Imagery for her help with our layout, websites and photography. The Virginia, New York and east coast underground where we got started. Europe for having great fans, great beer and being our second home. Conny with Knark Art Gallery and Bianca with Ferun Events for all their tour help. Bret, Phil and Malevolent Creation. John, Paul and Resurrection. Micha, Rudi and Moshquito. Our friend Lutz the soundman. Andy and Lost Dreams. Erik, Juandice and The Diatribe Magazine. Dustin, Rob, Billy and Organ Harvest. Alien and Mucopus. Greg (Tiny) and Wasteform. Scott, Chris and Down The Drain. Ritchie and Ruptured Silence Records. The Sumrell family. James Nugent the computer man. All the zines, radio and other media sources that continue to support us. All the great bands we've played with on the road. The promoters, agents and all the great people who book our band and take care of us on our tours. Most importantly our fans, friends and supporters from around the world, without them we could not exist.."

The New Song Lyrics have been added to our Lyrics Page. The new album's Cover Art, Track Listing, Credits and 3 free MP3s are available on our Order Page. There are also New Promotional Photos (courtesy of Captive Imagery) available on our Photos Page and 2 New Live Videos (YouTube) filmed in Innsbruck Austria during the "Only Death Is For Nothing" tour on our Videos Page.

If you want to Review or Broadcast Our New CD please Email Us to request a promotional copy of the album.

In May - June 2010 Solace of Requiem will be touring Europe. The Lineup and Tour Dates will be released soon.

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News Archives For 2009

Solace of Requiem would like to thank everyone who made their tour in Europe possible. Thanks goes to Micha from Moshquito (Germany) and Andi from Lost Dreams (Austria) for all their hard work on promotion and booking for this tour. A big thanks to Lutz for his work on sound and video for the tour. Lutz is the best soundman on the planet! Thanks goes to K. Guenther for his photos, Boris and his friends for their hospitality in Nürnberg, Conny with Knark Art Gallery in Dresden and =Soul= with VooDoo2 Photography in Chemnitz. A big thanks goes to Marcel with FreeBird / Under Her Black Wings Records for coming to the show in Hillegom. Marcel's label has shown some interest in releasing SOR's newest album in 2010. We will see what the future bring, but nonetheless, it was really cool of Marcel to come to the show in Hillegom as he did. The gesture is greatly appreciated!

Thanks goes to Matthe and his friends in Lienz, Bjorn and his friends in Hillegom, Mayke / Daan from Best and all of the wonderful people from the HellFire Festival in Innsbruck. Special thanks to Anja, Nadine and the rest of the SOR fans in Saxony, A big thanks goes to Micha, Andi, Igor, Rudi, John, Maik, Dominik, Stiffy, Raph, Herbert and the rest of the "Only Death Is For Nothing Tour" crew. Thanks to all of the promoters, coordinators, soundmen, fans, friends and everyone who helped us along the way. SOR would like to send a very personal "Thank You" to the inventor of snow-chains and tractors! Without them, the tour through Austria would not have been possible!!

There are photos from the tour on the Pictures Page . . . .

January 2009 Tour Dates

In January 2009 Solace of Requiem will be on tour with Moshquito (Germany) and Lost Dreams (Austria).
The tour is scheduled through Germany, Austria and Holland. See you on tour . . . .

January 16 @ Bunker Chemnitz, Germany
January 17 @ Puschkin Dresden, Germany
January 18 @ Amnesie Berlin, Germany
January 20 @ Kunstverein Nürnberg, Germany
January 21 @ G16 Leipzig, Germany
January 22 @ Paradox Ingolstadt, Germany
January 23 @ Flair Lienz, Austria
January 24 @ Hafen Innsbruck, Austria
January 25 @ Schlachthaus Dornbirn, Austria
January 28 @ Viper Room Vienna, Austria
January 29 @ Unanbeatbar Schwarzenberg, Germany
January 30 @ Solution Hillegom, Netherlands
January 31 @ JC Todo Best, Netherlands

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News Archives For 2008

July '08 Mini-Tour Thank Yous

Solace of Requiem would like to thank everyone involved with their Mini-Tour this July. A very special thanks goes out to the club owners and promoters who were foolish enough to ask SOR to visit their town! If we forget to list your name, it's because we were too high to remember you and not because you weren't important or appreciated. So anyway, here's our thank you list:

Juan from 5th Dawn and Waco Jesus. Thanks so much for letting us eat your food and wash our asses at your home. Just glad you still had a house for us to go to after that storm! Luke and Weenus from 7 year existence, as well as Susie the queen of Metal and liquor. Thanks for your Illinois hospitality. Shawn and the fellas from SandSkin and everyone at Shea Riley's in Omaha Nebraska. Thanks for having us in your homes!

Tim, Jimzilla and everyone at the Root Of All Evil Radio Show. Thank you guys so much for the interview and having us in the studio while we were in Minneapolis. You guys are awesome! (R.I.P. Earl Root) The guys in Jaundice, we will need to do this again sometime soon, after we drink our memories away of this last time!

The great people at Racers Edge, Waskos Campground, Club Underground, The Landing and everywhere else we played. Indian Wade (AKA Chief Bum A Smoke) Aaron Lott (AKA Andy) and the guys from Enshrined. Aaron and Skard Inc. John with Cavitation. Chris Young (a true friend) NYDM for all their promotional support. And all the fans and bands we had the pleasure to hang out with on the road. Thank You All ! ! ! !

The 2008 Demo Tracks Have Not Been Released
The New Material Is Coming Soon....

Solace of Requiem has teamed up with producer Andy Classen in 2008 to usher in a new era of Death Metal. While others in the genre have strived to become more technical on their instruments, SOR has strived to become more technical with their song writing. There is no doubt that musicians should be good on their instruments but the technical aspects of music should not be limited to the instrumentation alone.

Solace of Requiem has created a sound in 2008 that is not only instrumentally technical but is also technical in structure. The main focus for SOR is to properly orchestrate the emotions between lyrics and music, while maintaining a high level of technicality in instrumentation and composition. The band has blended together Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom, Thrash, Jazz, Rock and many other forms of music to create an extremely diverse sound that is incomparable to other bands.

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News Archives For December 2007

Returning from tour in Europe.... After recording the new album at Stage-One-Studio in Borgentreich, Germany with Andy Classen, the band went on a small tour through parts of Germany and Holland. There are some new pictures that were taken during the tour. You can click on the image below to see them or simply visit our Pictures Page. Solace of Requiem would like to thank everyone who made the tour possible. Special thanks goes to the guys from Moshquito, Wietze from Fearsome Promotions, Vagina from Cafe Wagner, Thilo from Werkstatt and Madlen Krell. Many thanks to all the promoters, club owners and fans who made this tour a success. We couldn't do it without you!

Solace of Requiem drunk in Berlin, Germany.

Back from Europe with a new recording!!! Solace of Requiem has returned from Borgentreich, Germany where they recorded their new material with Andy Classen at Stage-One-Studio. Andy Classen, who was the guitarist for the German Thrash Band Holy Moses, may be more well known currently for his engineering work and the production of albums from bands such as Krisiun, RottingChrist, Belphegor, GraveWorm, Sinister, DewScented, Asphyx and many others. The new recording sounds absolutely AMAZING!!! The instruments are not only very fast, but they are also extremely technical. The composition of the album is also written in a very complex and unorthodox manner. Andy did an outstanding job of capturing the technical aspects of the music without sacrificing the heaviness and brutality that SOR albums are notoriously laden with. Unfortunately, due to the fact that SOR is seeking a new label contract for this material. There will be no samples available to the press or to the public until a record contract is negotiated and secured.

A downside to the recording.... It is unfortunate that we have to announce that Paul DeGolyer from the Florida Death Lords Resurrection will not be featured as a guest vocalist on the upcoming release. Due to a really awkward set of circumstances, Paul's vocal track never made it to production. The worst part about the situation is that both SOR and Paul tried very hard to pull this whole thing together. Solace of Requiem would like to thank Paul for all of his hard work and for his friendship. At least we tried.......

News Archives For Oct - Nov 2007

Solace of Requiem Is Headed For Europe.... The band is traveling to Borgentreich, Germany this October to record their new material with Andy Classen at Stage-One-Studio. SOR will also be playing a few shows while they are abroad. Please visit our Shows Page for a listing of the tour dates.

New Resurrection Album....... We want to let everyone know that our good friend Paul DeGolyer and his band Resurrection are going to release another full length album very soon called Ritual Slaughter. The album is being recorded with James Murphy at SafeHouse Productions in Florida. We are so pleased that Paul has decided to do a guest spot on the new SOR tunes and so it's only right that we throw a plug in for his band's new CD. Ritual Slaughter is scheduled for release in 2008. Make sure you buy it ! ! !

James Murphy and SafeHouse Productions.... As we have announced last month, Paul DeGolyer from the Floridian Death Machine Resurrection will have a guest vocal spot on the upcoming recording in Germany. The legendary James Murphy will be recording Paul's spot at SafeHouse Productions in Florida, while SOR records their parts with Andy Classen in Germany. As many of you should already know, James is a Metal God, so when we found out that he was recording Paul's vocals, we did what only came natural to us.... We begged him to put a solo in one of the new songs! As of now, James hasn't agreed to do the solo, but he hasn't declined the offer yet either.
The good news is that Paul has agreed to keep asking James about the solo until he gives him an answer....
Or cuts his lips off....... Which ever one happens first ! ! !

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News Archives For July - Aug 2007

Resurrection Vocalist Paul DeGolyer Agrees To Do A Guest Spot ! ! Solace of Requiem has been searching for a guest vocalist and possibly a guest solo guitarist for their upcoming album. Although a guest guitarist has not been found yet, the band is pleased to announce that Paul DeGolyer, frontman for the Florida oldschool death metal legends Resurrection will be adding his voice to one of the new tracks. We are all extremely happy that Paul has decided to help out and it is an honor to have someone of Paul's caliber working on this project. On a cool side note, Resurrection will also be putting out a new album soon called Ritual Slaughter. Their new CD should also be out sometime in 2008.......

SOR will be leaving for Borgentreich this October. The band is about to record their third album this fall and this time Andy Classen at Stage-One-Studio in Germany will be handling the production duties. Andy Classen, who was the guitarist for the German Thrash Band Holy Moses, may be more well known currently for his engineering work and the production of albums from bands such as Krisiun, RottingChrist, Belphegor, Nagelfar, GraveWorm, Sinister, DewScented, Asphyx, Tankard and many others. The new material for this album is more technical and more advanced in song structure than the previous albums. Not to mention a hell of a lot faster! So Andy seemed to be an excellent fit for the kind of production the band will be going for on the new material.......

A New Guitar Player ! ! Chris Armijo from San Diego, California will be joining SOR for their upcoming project in Germany. Solace of Requiem would like to assure their fans that the new guitarist has been carefully chosen and that he is more than capable of playing guitar on the band's new album and upcoming tour through Germany this autumn. Chris is an excellent guitar player as well as a pretty cool guy to hang around. So I'm sure SOR fans will accept him.... Once they see that his guitar playing abilities far outweigh how ugly he is....... Ha Ha Ha

Looking For Help . . . . Solace of Requiem is currently looking for a guitarist to record the new material with them at Stage-One-Studio (Andy Classen) this October in Germany. Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, SOR guitarist Chris Young will be unable to record the new album with the band. Furthermore, Chris will also be unable to participate in the small tour scheduled to take place immediately after the studio session with Andy. Although Chris would have very much loved to have been a part of the new recording, his career was unable to accommodate him with the time off that would have been necessary to complete the project. However, as the saying goes.... The Show Must Go On! So the band has posted bulletins on some of the major forums to try and recruit the perfect person for the job. Fortunately, there have been a few good responses to the ad and the band remains hopeful that a guitarist will be found in short order. When asked
"What Does This Change?"
, Jeff Sumrell (Bass and Vocals) had only one word to say. NOTHING ! ! !

In The Meantime . . . . SOR is still ironing out all the kinks in the tablature and preparing for the new CD. No plans have changed and as of now, everything will remain as it was. There are still efforts being made to have a Guest Vocalist and/or a Guest Lead Guitarist participate in the recording as well. Although there is no one to mention in that regard as of yet, there will assuredly be a guest on the album. WHO, is another question all together!

News Archives For May - June 2007

SOR Continues The Writing Process.... Solace of Requiem is close to finishing the paperwork for their eight new tracks that are scheduled to be produced and engineered by the "Living Legend" Andy Classen at Stage-One-Studio in Borgentreich, Germany this October. SOR plans to shop at least four of the new tracks to prospective labels as a demo. The remaining tracks will be kept as a failsafe measure in the event that they would be forced to release the material on their own. However, the band feels confident that a label will recruit them after hearing the demo recording. Solace of Requiem is also planning a possible Guest Spot (Or Two) on the new album. It was such a huge thrill to have Bret Hoffmann on the Utopia Reborn CD, that it would be foolish not to explore the possibility of having one or more Legends of the Game come in to the studio and add some tracks to the mix.......

Solace of Requiem will Play the Northern Wisconsin Metalfest.... Scheduled for Saturday, September 29th The band will play the N.W. Metalfest with their longtime friends from the north Jaundice. This will be SOR's first time playing the fest, though the festival has deep roots and it is an honor to be invited back up to the Twin Ports area to participate in the event. They either really love SOR in the upper Midwest or it is all an intricate plot to have us come back up there to be arrested!!! Regardless of the reason they were invited, SOR will be there! And to prove it, the venue has been posted on our Shows Page

Still Booking Dates In Europe.... The tour is going to be small but what it lacks in size it will make up for in brutality. After the band finishes up in the studio with Andy recording the new songs, SOR will embark on a small tour of Germany and possibly a few neighboring countries while they are still in the area. No sense in going all the way to Europe and not playing a few shows, right?!?! There are still about five days out of nine that need to be booked, but the four tour dates that are confirmed have been added to our Shows Page as well....

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Festival Flop ! ! !  We're sure that by now you've all heard how the Milwaukee Metal Fest was a giant bust this year. However, Solace of Requiem fans should know that the band has been signed on to the Metal Fest since 2004. Now after 3 years of cancellations to the fest, a poor promotional campaign and a lineup that was starving for legitimate headliners, it was no surprise to see that the once prestigious festival had lost its credibility.

Being at the fest it was easy to hear tales of hardship from bands hailing from all across America. Stories about gasoline prices and vans breaking down were common in the halls of the venue. Everyone should know that Metal is not only a form of music, but it is also a Lifestyle. A choice to walk the path less traveled. So Metal bands are all too familiar with hardships, but dealing with hardships is one thing and having someone take a good amount of cash from you for a bogus festival is another thing entirely. Metal bands are in it for the love of the music and really nothing more. The beer and the women ain't bad either, but it's most definitely not about the money. So most of those bands used a lot of their resources to come all the way to Wisconsin just to find out they had been ripped off. We hope time manages to heal the wounds of the bands that suffered the most loss over this ruined festival and we also hope time brings justice to the ones who profited from this Show Scam.

Solace of Requiem would have never attended the festival had they not been signed to play it for over 3 years. In 2004 Solace of Requiem had not yet released a reputable album nor had they played such a well-known festival, or any other festival for that matter. So this used to be one of those proverbial "Big Deals" for the band. Maybe even a chance to be heard by someone important in the bizz. Of course we came to our senses and realized the festival was destined to fail. Yet we feel confident that the good majority of those 100+ bands held the same hopes that SOR once held, only to arrive and see a dead crowd composed mainly of the other disappointed bands.

Not A Total Loss ? ! ? ! Even though the Milwaukee Metal Fest was a big joke. Solace of Requiem did have the opportunity to see tons of great metal bands from all over the country. Not everyone performing there was extremely well known, but there were endless bands that played the festival that were incredible. So double shame on the bastards that failed to get the word out properly. There were just too many great Metal bands playing for too few people, but it was still a great show regardless of the turnout. Another bright spot of the fest was getting to see Wrath and Resurrection perform. Wrath was one of the first bands that guitarist Chris Young tried to emulate in his early guitar playing days and Resurrection's Embalmed Existence is held in the band's top 10 albums of all time. So meeting the guys from Wrath and Resurrection after their performances was obviously an awesome and humbling experience for SOR. Everyone in the band managed to get autographs and even hooked Resurrection's vocalist Paul Degoyler up with a brand new SOR beanie. Wear It On Stage Paul ! ! !

Also on the short list of things that went well, the show SOR played in Superior, Wisconsin prior to the Metal Fest Disaster was a complete success. The Twin Ports area of Wisconsin is filled with loyal fans of Metal. Not to mention loyal fans of SOR. Superior has always been a great place to play and the band has always felt welcome in that area. SOR plans to return there soon, maybe even before they head off to Germany to record the new album with Andy Classen this autumn. There's a good chance that SOR will be playing at the Northern Wisconsin Death Fest scheduled for September 29th. More information on that show soon.... Solace of Requiem would like to thank Bev's Jook Joint for having them at their venue and Jaundice for bringing them in to their hometown to jam.

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Former SOR drummer lands a deal with Iron Clad Recordings. Joe Walmer and his Progressive Death Metal band Aletheian have signed a deal with Trevor Phipps (Unearth) and his recording label Iron Clad. Joe was the drummer for the Utopia Reborn album as well as SOR's tour drummer for a full year. Solace of Requiem would like to wish Joe and Aletheian good luck toward a bright future with their new label. SOR has recently left their former recording label Ruptured Silence Records and hopes to follow suit with Aletheian by landing a new record deal in the very near future. The plan is to create a pre-production demo of their new material that is scheduled to be recorded in Germany this autumn with sound guru Andy Classen at Stage One Studio

Andy Classen, who was the guitarist for the German Thrash Band Holy Moses, may be more well known currently for his engineering work and the production of albums from bands such as Krisiun, RottingChrist, Belphegor, Nagelfar, GraveWorm, Sinister, DewScented, Asphyx, Tankard and many others. Solace of Requiem hopes to shop the demo to prospective labels starting in the late fall or early winter of this year. The new material is more technical than any of the other albums SOR has written in the past and it's also more advanced in song structure. Not to mention a hell of a lot faster! So Andy seemed to be an excellent fit for the kind of production the band will be going for on the new material. Both sides are very excited to be working with each other this autumn and both sides also appear to be very eager to get things moving. With Andy's help, some luck and a lot of hard work, Solace of Requiem will be able to join the ranks with their good friend Joe and announce a new record label in early 2008....

Friday, May 11th and Saturday, May 12th Solace of Requiem will be back on the road. The first of their two shows is in Superior, Wisconsin at Bev's Jook Joint. There the band will be teaming back up with the Twin Ports area grind band Jaundice for a reunion show of sorts. Last year the two bands got together for a small tour of the Midwest United States as well as a few prior performances together during SOR's earlier tours that brought them through the Twin Ports area. This show will mark the first time the bands have been on the same stage in quite some time. Solace of Requiem and Jaundice will be joined by Shattered Grave, who like Jaundice, also hails from the Twin Ports area. The lineup will also feature Under Eden and Loaded Chamber from Minnesota's Twin Cities.

The Milwaukee Metal Fest 19 will be SOR's second and final show in their two-show schedule. There the band will join over 100 Bands scheduled to play this year's festival. Among the many already famous and up 'n coming acts on the lineup, there are a definite few that make being a part of this year's festival an extreme honor in the eyes of the band. Not only will the festival have one of Chris Young's first guitar influences in the band Wrath, but the festival will also bring back (seemingly from the dead) one of the Florida Elder Gods, Resurrection, for a performance that is scheduled to take place on the same day that SOR is scheduled to play. Solace of Requiem is looking forward to playing with all the great bands on the MMF19 lineup, but sharing the stage with Resurrection is something that the band is very excited about. And who could blame them.... Now I'm sure we can all remember the early 1990's when we were resting in our homes, eating human waste and drinking the urine from our dogs! And although we felt insane when we did this, we liked it....... And we owe it all to Resurrection ! ! !

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News Archives For Mar - Apr 2007

SOR joins forces with Open Grave Records.... Solace of Requiem has signed a two-year agreement with Open Grave Records for the distribution of Utopia Reborn. The band would like to thank James Mattern and the OGR Team for all of their help so far. The Utopia Reborn CD will soon be available through OGR in select retail stores throughout the United States. Open Grave is strengthening the distribution of Utopia Reborn considerably with their retail connections. As well as adding to SOR's already stout internet distribution core by complimenting Century Media Distribution, HammerMill Records and last month's newcomer from Europe M-System. The CDs are now in route to the OGR warehouse and should be made available for purchase by mid-April. The Utopia Reborn CD is also newly available through CD Baby and for added accessibility to the album.

That about wraps it up.... With the newly added distributors also comes a closure to the promotional efforts in regard to Utopia Reborn. The band will now focus solely on the pre-production of their new album with Andy Classen (Krisiun Belphegor GraveWorm RottingChrist etc...) at Stage One Studio in Germany. The recording of the pre-production will take place on October 15th 2007. Shortly there after SOR has plans to take a very small tour of Europe with the German band Moshquito. Don't forget that SOR will be at Bev's Jook Joint in Superior, Wisconsin on Friday, May 11th 2007 for a show with their good friends Jaundice prior to performing at this year's Milwaukee Metal Fest 19 on Saturday, May 12th 2007.

Solace of Requiem will be Performing at Milwaukee Metal Fest 19 Scheduled for May 11th and 12th 2007 at the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha Wisconsin

Headed to Wisconsin....... SOR has announced 2 new shows they will be playing this May. The first of which is on Friday, May 11th at Bev's Jook Joint in Superior. It seems the band will be teaming back up with their good friends from Jaundice for another night of debauchery on Lake Superior. The very next day Solace of Requiem will be playing the Milwaukee Metal Fest at the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, WI. Please visit for more information on the 2 day festival and all of the bands that are playing there that weekend...

SOR has a new distributor in Europe. The band would like to welcome in M-System as their new distributor. Ruptured Silence Records has just signed a contract with the company and they will now be helping to distribute the Utopia Reborn CD on their website as well as some retail locations throughout the continent.

Solace of Requiem is no longer with Ruptured Silence Records. As of February 17th 2007, SOR will no longer be with Ruptured Silence. The band has decided to take the creation of their new album as an opportunity to shop a pre-production of the new material to a larger label. The band has once again been in communication with Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Germany to handle the pre-production duties. As of now, the plans are to make the demo with Andy in October and then begin shopping the material to prospective labels immediately after its creation. The band would like to thank Ritchie and the RSR family for all they've done and wish them well for the future. SOR will also continue to support Ruptured Silence Records in their attempt to promote and distribute the Utopia Reborn CD, as well as possibly going on a small European tour this autumn in support of the album. SOR will be moving on while holding to the hope that RSR will be proud to have been such a crucial part of the band's development. After all, they found them first!

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News Archives For Jan - Feb 2007

Did you know that the album Utopia Reborn was mastered by Andy Classen (Krisiun - Belphegor - GraveWorm - RottingChrist - Sinister - Nagelfar - DewScented) at Stage-One-Studio in Germany? The CD also features the backing vocals of Bret Hoffmann from Malevolent Creation. Please visit our Order Page to purchase CDs and Merchandise from this website via PayPal and to link with Century Media, Hammermill Records or another one of Solace of Requiem's official distributors.

The March '07 Issue of Metal Maniacs has a great review of Utopia Reborn in the Aural Assaults section of the magazine. (Page 54) SOR would like to thank David Gehlke and the Metal Maniacs crew for taking the time to give them such a great review. Especially since MM is one of the oldest and most reliable sources of information in the underground. We encourage everyone to get a copy of their new mag...

The New Video for Red Sea is Available for Download! After what has felt like an eternity, Solace of Requiem has finally released the new video for Red Sea. You can download the 20 meg version of the new video for free by clicking the above image or you can visit the Free Video Downloads section of this website for a smaller version.

The Video is Not Religious ! ! ! The first few people that saw the new video immediately assumed that SOR had taken a religious approach to its creation. That actually couldn't be farther from the truth. The band has a reputation for being more symbolic than most other artists in the genre and that is exactly the reason for creating the new video in this way. Without giving away too many secrets, I'll try to explain...

The preacher in the video is meant to represent an authority figure that resides in power over his people, only to corrupt them with false ideals and irrelevant teachings. The pregnant girl represents the fragile minds that are betrayed and lied to daily by the people who are entrusted to protect them. The reason she is pregnant is to symbolize the ongoing cycle that continues to feed itself with every new generation, thriving on human ignorance and the fear of death. The burning cross is meant to represent the destruction of the false seers and the tainted views they teach. I can't tell you too much more or I'll give away all the good stuff, but I can tell you why the abortion occurs. Honestly, there are a few different reasons why it happens. The first and most important reason is that the abortion represents the slaughter of innocence and our enemy's relentless will to see their cause through. It is also representative of how far the so called "leaders" are willing to go in the name of what they believe is righteous. Although, I think the last reason might be the coolest reason of all! There had to be blood and a woman had to die in the video! Reinforcing the belief that Brutal is always Better.......

A New MP3 and a New Review are Posted Now ! ! ! A new MP3 from the latest album Utopia Reborn is available for free download. Click here to listen to To Suffer Mortality *No Longer Available For Download* or download it for free from the MP3s Page of this website. A new review of Utopia Reborn has also been posted. Click here to see the review from Maelstrom or link to that review and many other reviews of the SOR albums on the Video Clips & Reviews Page of this website.

The European shows were incredible! Solace of Requiem would like to thank all of the great people who made their trip to Europe possible. Especially Ruptured Silence Records and the Ruptured Silence Family for taking such good care of them during their stay in Europe. Also, a big thanks to all the promoters, bands, photographers, radio stations, zines, friends and fans that participated in the shows. There are way too many people to thank individually, but you all know who you are. There are some great New Pictures from the band's tour date in Hahn, Germany. The pics were taken at the Paddock Club by our good friend Dietmar with UnitedMoments.DE. A video of the Ragers Elite Festival that the band played while in Hamm, Germany will also be available very soon at RagersElite-Festival.DE. Thanks to all who made the tour possible! SOR will surely be back next year to record the new CD "The Singularity" and to tour in Europe once again in 2007. We will see you all again very soon.

The New Video is Coming Soon... The video for "Red Sea" will be ready within the coming weeks. We are all very excited about the footage and we have big expectations for the video. A big thanks to everyone who helped make the video. Especially Scott Hansen, who will create the video and the studio members of SOR: Dave Tedesco and Jesse Bartlett. SOR will also be saying goodbye to Jesse. It was decided after the European Tour that Jesse would no longer be the guitarist for SOR. We want to thank Jesse for his participation in the Video and the European Tour. However, these are not sad days. Chris Young (The Original Guitarist) has decided to come back to SOR to write and record the new CD "The Singularity" in the fall of 2007. This is absolutely perfect timing because now the CD will be created by the creaters of the first 2 CDs. This is a great new surprise for an early Christmas Present. On the down side of things, it will probably be in the band's best interest to hold off any touring plans until at least the summer of '07. Unfortunately, it will probably be the best thing to do under the circumstances. Don't worry though, the band will be touring plenty when the new material is written. Until then, the guys will take it easy and prepare for the summer when all hell will surely break loose. Check back to this website for updates concerning the New CD, the New Video and all kinds of New Info about things to come from the Solace of Requiem...

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News Archives For 2006

Much more to come in the future for SOR. The new video for Red Sea will be available for download, more USA Tour Dates will be posted, some new reviews of Utopia Reborn will be listed and an all new album dubbed The Singularity will be recorded, all within the next few months. Make sure you check back to this website for further updates after SOR's return from Europe in December. See you all on tour in Europe...

The European Tour Dates Are About To Begin! Solace of Requiem is headed for Europe for a short tour. The show dates are now posted on the Shows Page, so if you're in the area when the tour comes your way, come out to support the band. To those in Europe, make sure to add the tour dates to your own websites/calendars to help promote the shows. Additional tour dates are in the works for Italy and if the shows are confirmed, they will be posted on this website immediately.

The video for RED SEA has been shot and is now in the process of being edited. Unfortunately, Rogg from ROGGTV couldn't shoot the video, so Scott Hansen has taken over the responsibility. The shoot went very well and SOR is expecting to have one hell of a video once the editing process is complete. More information on the video will be posted soon.

As the band prepares to tour in Europe there are still many other things to be done. There is a new CD to record, a new video to shoot, a USA tour to plan and a new band member to get acquainted with. The tour dates in Europe are being attained now and a few of them are already listed on the Shows Page of this website, but there are still many dates that are needed. So if anyone out there has information regarding European venues, please don't hesitate to Contact the Band or contact Ruptured Silence Records for information on how to book SOR.

The US tour will take place in late January and the tour dates will be posted on the site once the band returns from Europe in mid-December. Please check back then for all available information on the US tour.

Regarding "The Singularity", many questions have arose about the direction of the new material. In a previous news post, which is now in the News Archives, the band insisted that the new material would be faster, more aggressive and more appealing to fans of "new school" death metal. The band wants to ensure all of their fans that this does not mean that SOR will abandon any of the qualities that they have grown to love. The same song writer (Jeff) is still in the band and the music on the next album will be coming from the same mind, heart and soul. No attributes will be lost during the new recording, but there will definitely be more attributes to add to the mix now that Jesse is in the band. Jeff's intentions were and always have been to incorporate the new sound of death metal with the old sound, so the game plan has not been changed. Utopia Reborn was the band's first real attempt at this strategy, but after two years of writing new songs, the band has obviously grown in abilities. So the new material will be a touch different, there is no doubt about that, but The Singularity will be bursting with all of the great flavors that have made SOR the band that they are today. There will just be a more intense feel to the album as well as a faster pace. SOR has no intentions on wearing makeup and putting on girl pants so they can start playing emo. Be prepared for a brutal assault to the senses when The Singularity hits the streets in the summer of 2007...

The video shoot for Red Sea is scheduled to take place in a few days on November 3rd, 4th and 5th. Rogg from ROGGTV will once again take on the task of creating a visual perception of an SOR song. The video promises to be superior in every way to the first video for Beyond Grace from the self-titled, debut CD. For more information on the video shoot, please visit our News Archives for a few small details.

Solace of Requiem's new guitarist (Jesse Bartlett) hails from the upstate New York band Penetration. Jesse will be with the band throughout the upcoming European and American tours, as well as playing guitars on the planned 2007 album The Singularity. The band would like to welcome Jesse into the fold and ensure their fans that he is one hell of a guitar player. Jesse's background as a lightning quick lead player and a fearsomely brutal rhythmist will make an interesting addition to the more melodic tones usually associated with SOR. His contributions to the band will most definitely add a new dimension to the guitar work on the upcoming recordings.

Utopia Reborn is now available through Century Media Records... The newest opus from the Virginia Beach trio is now available at Century Media and HammerMill Records. Please visit our Order Page for information on how to purchase the CD from one of our distributors or to buy merchandise directly from the band.
If you live in a European country and want to buy the CD from a distributor in Europe, please visit the Web-Store at Ruptured Silence Records in Germany. There are also some New Reviews of the Utopia Reborn CD in the Video Clips and Reviews section of this website. We hope you all enjoy the new CD ! ! !

A New Video, A New CD and A New SOR is coming soon... The band has once again enlisted the help of Rogg from ROGGTV to create an all new video for the Utopia Reborn track Red Sea. The video will be based on a religious figure, torturing and killing a pregnant woman in a ritualistic fashion. Check back to the site periodically for progress reports. Not only is the band in full swing as they are about to embark on another USA tour with the Canadian Metal Lords Mastery and soon after set sail for Europe for their first ever full European tour, but SOR also has plans to start production on an all new opus that will eventually be titled "The Singularity". The new tracks will be somewhat of a different approach to song writing than deemed typical of the band's melodic nature. Although the band vows to keep the feel of Solace of Requiem alive, they are also remaining adamant that the new material will be infinitely more aggressive with a more "new-school" appeal to it. Please check back to the site for more info on the upcoming USA and European tours as well as the status on the video for Red Sea expected to be completed sometime within the next 3 months and the New CD (The Singularity) coming sometime in the summer of '07.

Utopia Reborn has gotten great reviews in Europe so far. Most of the new album reviews are only from European countries right now, but there are several American reviews that are expected to be received within the next few weeks. As soon as all the reviews from the different countries have been attained, their links will be posted on the site so everyone can check them out. Until then, a quick google or yahoo search should pull up a few of the European reviews of the new album.

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Tour Date Cancellations!!! Solace of Requiem has been forced to cancel their October tour dates due to the fact that Mastery has had a few more set backs in their plans to enter the USA this fall. Mastery has made arrangements to postpone their tour until mid-November of this year. SOR also has plans to start their European tour around that same time, so we will have to wait and see what the future brings when it comes to getting Mastery and SOR together for a tour. SOR would like to apologize to all the fans that were expecting to see them this October, but the band will be back through the USA on a full tour no later than January '07. Check back to the site in the future for all the USA and European tour dates.

Back Home From Tour... A big thanks to all those who helped out with the tour, the venues that allowed the tour to pass through their halls and all the fans who came out to the clubs to show their support. Solace of Requiem would especially like to thank the whole Jaundice crew for going out on the tour with them. Without their help, none of this would have been possible. SOR would also like to thank for shooting the video, Blue RyKnow Promotions, VooDoo Booking and all the other promoters that participated in promoting this tour. Last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to Dave Tedesco (Drums) and Aaron Lott (Guitars) for playing as session players during this tour. Dave will be joining up with the band for the next few tours at least, so the drummer's position will be locked down for the time being. However, the band is still in need of a guitarist or possibly two guitarists to tour with them through the USA and Europe this year. Hiring a second guitarist will all depend on how easily the first guitarist is found. If anyone out there is interested, click here to contact us regarding a try-out.

Utopia Reborn is now available. The newest CD from SOR is now available on the Order Page of this website through PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to buy the CD or any other merchandise from this website when using a credit or debit card! It's very easy to do, just follow the instructions once you're on the secure PayPal site. You will automatically be logged onto the secure PayPal site once you've selected an item for purchase on the order page. The CD will also be available through HammerMill Records and Century Media in a few days.

If you are with a Zine, Label or Radio Station and you are interested in reviewing, airing, promoting or selling the Utopia Reborn CD. Please contact Ruptured Silence Records and ask Ritchie for a press kit.
We hope you all enjoy the CD...

Some of you may have noticed the ad for Utopia Reborn that we have on the home page. The ad was created by our good friend Mike Dinunzio at Dinunzio Design and is scheduled to be in an upcoming issue of Metal Maniacs and Decibel magazines. Go pick up a copy of the mags and keep on supporting brutal metal!!!

Solace of Requiem is now on tour. The Utopian Rebirth Tour (part 3) is underway and passing through the midwest USA. Please visit the Shows Page for all of the tour dates.

Solace of Requiem announces tour with Mastery. The Canadian Metal Lords Mastery and SOR will be hitting the road together this October and November. SOR would like to thank Spencer at Spinerazor Records for allowing them to tag along. The dates of the tour are still being scheduled and they will be posted on this site as well as Mastery's Website once they are finalized.

The September tour dates are posted. Please visit our Shows Page for the Midwest USA tour dates scheduled with Minnesota grind band Jaundice. More tour dates such as the European and Mastery tours will be posted on the site very soon.

Utopia Reborn will be available in Europe on August 15th. It has been a very long time in the making, but the band's second release Utopia Reborn will be available in Europe on the 15th of August. Please visit SOR's label at to get the CD after that date. The CD will then be on it's way to the American distributers and will soon be for sale inside the United States. Check back to the site in late August for availability in the USA and for all of you who can't wait to hear the album, the MP3s are all available for download at

Cryptopsy, Skinless, Held Under, Organ Harvest and Son of Mourning took the stage at Saratoga Winners on July 22nd, 2006. Organ Harvest invited Jeff to come sing background vocals on one of their songs. Not only did Jeff get to hang out with all the great bands who played that night, but he also got to sing on stage infront of several hundred moshing metal heads. It was a great opportunity to mingle with the great people of UpState New York and give away a few demos to some of the best metal fans in the United States. A video of the performance is available for you to see on It looks pretty good but the sound quality is kinda poor.
Check it out by Clicking Here...

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Emo Bashing Radio Interview ! ! !

Download The Full Interview Here

There will be more updates soon ! ! ! The September tour dates will be posted very soon. The band will be hitting the road with the grind band Jaundice (Duluth, Minnesota) for the majority of the tour. All of the tour dates will be posted in the next few days. The band will also be posting the new Bios for the new blood that has joined the group. Please check back to the site to see all the new posts within the next couple of weeks...

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Just back from their second U.S. tour, SOR returns home to Virginia just before the holiday. The guys would like to thank all the wonderful people who made the tour possible. Thanks to all the venue owners and promoters for having SOR in their establishments and a big thanks to all the great bands that helped tear down the stages! Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to all the beautiful women who agreed to be photographed while wearing their favorite T-shirt. Please visit the New Pictures Page for some cool pics from the Utopian Rebirth Tour 2006...

Unfortunately, the June 2006 Tour will have been the last time out for founding father and guitarist Chris Young. Chris has left the band in pursuit of other goals. We all wish him the best of luck in realizing his dreams. He will be missed and remembered for his input, foresight, faith and passion for what we humans have summed up with only one word... MUSIC ! ! ! Although he can never be replaced, SOR will continue their quest in Metal with some new blood in the band. Arrangements have been made for a back-up guitarist, so the band can continue with their September tour plans.

The New MP3s from the album UTOPIA REBORN are now available for download!!!
Please visit our MP3s Page and check them out. Especially the song Language of the Gods which features the vocal talent of Malevolent Creation and Down The Drain's own Brett Hoffmann. The album will be available soon on Ruptured Silence Records. Please check back to the site for CD availability.

Just a few more updates to mention for June . . . Solace of Requiem will be touring this month for the new CD. All of the tour dates (with the exception of a few) are posted on the Shows Page. Please check them out and make sure you come to the show that's in your area! Also, the new CD has had a few delays, but the CD is scheduled for release in the coming weeks. A good guess would be around the first of July, but it may be sooner if all goes well with the final stages. Some new MP3s are on the site, as well as the beginning steps to create another video. There is a lot in the works for the rest of 2006 and 2007. Visit the site every once in a while to see if the new stuff is up, it won't be long now! See you all on the road!!!

Solace of Requiem would like to thank all of the people who made their first U.S. tour possible. Thanks to their label Ruptured Silence Records for all of their support. Also, a very special thanks to Ryan with Blue Ryknow Productions and Amy with Horns High for helping SOR with a place to take a shower and crash during their stay in the Fargo/Moorhead area. A big Thank You goes to Megan with Ryan's BallRoom for helping out in a clutch situation during the bands adventures through Wisconsin. Albie and Blain from N.Y. also deserve a big thanks for all of their help. Without those guys, there would have been a lot less shows to play! Last but not least, a huge thanks to all the great bands SOR had the privilege of sharing the stage with during the tour. Thanks especially to Despised Icon, whom the band opened for during D.I.'s time off from the Morbid Angel, Behemoth and Krisiun tour they are currently participating in. SOR's humblest thanks goes to all of the bands they played with during their run through the mid-west. See you all in June when the band rolls through again. Get your popcorn ready!!!

SOR's new release, Utopia Reborn... Featuring the backing vocals of Brett Hoffmann from Down The Drain and Malevolent Creation will be available very soon. Check back to the site periodically for CD availability and tour info. Also, the Utopia Reborn Lyrics and the new line of SOR Merchandise have been posted on the site if you want to check them out. See you all on tour!!!

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The FM99 HomeGrown Radio Show was a blast!!! Thanks to Rogg and Tara from ROGG TV for stopping by and video taping the show. Also, a big thanks to Shelley and FM99 for being so supportive of SOR's music and allowing them to invade their studio for the evening. It was unfortunate that the new CD was unavailable in time to play it on the show, but the band decided to give everyone a "sneak peek" of the new material by playing 2 unmastered, MP3 versions of their new tunes. Just a taste of what's to come.......

The Vital Remains show in Salem, Virginia was a huge success. Thanks to Anthony, Tony, Dave, Ron and Tim "The Missle" for tearing down the stage. Also, a big thanks to Scott, J.R. and the rest of Doom Syndicate for allowing SOR to come out to the fest. Doom Syndicate will be coming down to the SOR stomping grounds on April 7th-9th. Make sure you come out to support the scene! Click on the blue link to listen to the FM99 WNOR radio commercial, scheduled to air April 5th-9th...   FM99 COMMERCIAL ! ! !

Here it is! Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for... THE BEYOND GRACE VIDEO ! ! !
A big thanks to Rogg with ROGG TV for helping us out with this "No Budget" production of a 1980's horror spoof video. The video was recorded courtesy of Dave Woods and his back yard in Chesapeake, VA. Thanks to Joe Evans (The Serial Killer), Dana Schiller (The Victim) and Manos (The Drummer), for lending a hand and face to the cameras. Also, a special thanks to Tom Odom with Odom Video Productions, for editing the final version.

The Utopian Rebirth Tour 2006 is almost underway. Please visit the Shows Page for all the schedule dates that have been posted. Not all of the shows SOR has in the works are confirmed, so there will definitely be a few more "add ons" within the coming weeks. Also, USA tour dates for the months of July, August and a portion of June have not been posted. Please check back in May 2006 for additional tour dates in America. Tour dates for Europe will be posted closer to the month of October, when the band will re-visit the continent for The European Rebirth Tour 2006.

Solace of Requiem Returns From Europe with much accomplished, but with heavy hearts. Sadly, while still in the studio recording the new album. Solace of Requiem guitarist Chris Young's mother past away. Our deepest condolences go to Chris and his family for their loss. Chris stayed in Germany while his mother was laid to rest to ensure the album would be completed, which took a lot of determination and dedication on his part. In light of the tragic events, the band decided to come home to the U.S.A early and cancel their future tour plans through Europe this winter. Although, the band has vowed to return to Europe this fall to tour the area.

Solace of Requiem would like to thank all of the people who made their trip to Europe possible and everyone involved in the creation of Utopia Reborn. S.O.R. would like to thank Joe Walmer from Aletheian for performing percussion on the new CD and being a great friend to have with you if you are ever on an Amsterdam road-trip. A special thanks to S.O.R.'s Label-Mates, Ritchie with Ruptured Silence Records, Dietmar their photographer with UnitedMoments.DE and their producer Mario Dahmen with Grace Audio. A big thanks to Brett Hoffmann from Malevolent Creation & Down The Drain and Dirk from Delta Voltage for their vocal talent on this new recording. Thanks to The Mist for letting S.O.R. use some of their EQ while in the studio. Last but not least, an extra huge thanks goes to Mario Dahmen, Richard Pöschel and their wonderful families for feeding and housing the band during their stay in Germany. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

The new Solace of Requiem CD entitled Utopia Reborn will be available in April 2006. Please check back to the site then for the CD's availability and some new MP3s. The band is also starting to book the American/Canadian portion of their tour, also scheduled to occur in April 2006. The tour will begin on America's East Coast, moving into Canada and then coming back through to the West Coast of the United States. Once all of the tour dates have been scheduled, they will be posted on the Shows Page. April & May's tour dates should be available on the site sometime in March and June's dates are sure to follow. Also, don't forget to visit the site again in a few days and check out the Videos Page, the Shopping Cart Page and the Pictures Pages to see the Beyond Grace video, the new line of Solace of Requiem Merchandise and some cool new pics of the band that were taken in Koblenz, Germany.

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News Archives For 2005

Newly signed to Ruptured Silence Records and headed for Cologne, Germany to start the recording of their newest album Utopia Reborn and begin their tour of Europe. Please visit our shows page for tour dates and our videos page for the new Beyond Grace video that should be available in the next few days.
See you all on tour ! ! !

Brett Hoffmann had agreed to do some background vocals on the new CD but has now teamed up with his former band Malevolent Creation for a German tour during SOR's scheduled studio time. Brett still wants to do the CD with SOR but time has became a factor. SOR and Brett are still in communications with each other and are trying to find a resolution to the issue. Malevolent Creation who are touring with Bolt Thrower, Necrophagist and Nightrage, will be in the same neck of the woods as SOR. So, there still is a chance of a few shows happening and the Brett Hoffmann thing working out OK. We will have to see what happens...

After the creation of the new CD, the band will take the months of February and March to tour while still in Europe. Solace of Requiem will also embark on an American tour shortly after they return to the United States. The tour dates are being scheduled now and as soon as the tour dates are completely booked, they will be posted on the site.

Please visit for information on the festival...

The video for Beyond Grace is a little behind schedule. There are no big problems, it's just a lot more work than we had anticipated. The new video will be available for free download on the site within the next few weeks. It is a lot of hard work, but it will all be worth it once the project is finished. A big thanks to the cast and Rogg from Rogg TV for putting in all the long hours.

November 30th 2005 the New York Death Fest will be held. Solace of Requiem will be one of many bands playing at the festival. The line-up is as follows: OVERTURE TO DEATH / RE-CREATION / BLOOD OBSESSION / HEXEN / KNOW FEAR / LEPROSY / PSYTOXIA / GODKING / PORPHYRIA / TERROR ASCENDS / HELD UNDER / ORGAN HARVEST / ISRAFEL / LIFE SYPHON / SOLACE OF REQUIEM / FECAL CORPSE / DOOM SYNDICATE / LEUKORRHEA / WASTEFORM / DEW-SCENTED / DECAPITATED and VADER . . .

Brett Hoffmann (Formerly of Malevolent Creation and currently of Down The Drain) will be lending his vocal talent to the band on their new album. Solace of Requiem is very excited to have one of their favorite influences participate in the creation of their newest work. Brett's backing vocal parts will be recorded here in the United States, while SOR's recording will take place in Germany sometime in January of 2006. The two parts will be put together in Germany and then sent to production. The new album should be out in early 2006, so check back to the site periodically for new information regarding SOR's newest requiem.

There are New Pictures on the pictures page. These pics were taken right off of the cutting room floor from the Beyond Grace video shoot. These images are all a part of what will become Solace of Requiem's first ever Death Metal Video. The live footage the band has up now is fine, but it's about time to see some cool "B" rated horror flick footage while head banging. Check back around the middle of October and the finished product should be up by then. You may have also noticed that S.O.R. has some new blood in the mix. Manos, formerly of Plague Swarm, made some time out of his schedule playing with Terror Kult and his solo project Insurrection D-4 to play drums on the new S.O.R. album. There is a good chance the band will be headed to Europe to record the next album very soon and it is good that Bryan has decided to tag along. Solace of Requiem would like to thank Luke Downing for putting his heart and soul into their first album, he will be missed...

A new compilation CD featuring two songs from the Solace of Requiem debut album and six more up and coming Virginia metal bands has been released. This CD is the brain-child of long time friend Jimmy Williams with the band All Has Fallen. A special thanks to Jimmy for asking S.O.R. to be a part of it. The CDs are going at a cheap price, but they are also going very fast. If you're interested in a copy of this fourteen song, digitally mixed and mastered CD featuring some of the best metal bands in Tidewater including Hereyezon Fire / All Has Fallen / Solace of Requiem / The Eleventh Plague / Swamp / Vatican and Shattered Senses, please click here to visit Underground Sounds Productions on to order direct and tell him that S.O.R. sent ya !!!

The band has a couple of important things to mention about the upcoming months. The first annual NY Death Fest is having it's line-up created at this very moment by our good friends Rob & Gary Seelman @ Metal Brothers productions. Morbid Angel with their original line-up is one of the unconfirmed bands that are on the line-up. As far as the bands that will definitely be there, the line-up is as follows: VADER / DECAPITATED / DEW-SCENTED / WASTEFORM / SOLACE OF REQUIEM / LEUKORRHEA / HELD UNDER / LIFE SYPHON / GODKING / TERROR ASCENDS / KNOW FEAR / FIREBORN / ORGAN HARVEST / NYTRILE / PORPHYRIA and BLOOD OBSESSION. The show will not be held until November 30th of this year, but we wanted to spread the word that Vader was planning to come to the US. As soon as we get some more information, we will post it on the site. You just have to love Polish Death and Black Metal !!!

Also, the band will begin to work on the creation of their next album very soon. The material for the effort has already been written and the only logical way to get the ball rolling now is to stop booking shows and make some time for the studio. After the heat of summer dies, it would be the perfect time to do just that. There will be a few gigs that are few and far between scheduled within the upcoming months, but the remainder of 2005 will be mainly used for the creation of the new album. The band is treating this summer as if it will be the last gigs they will ever play. That attitude is mainly because of the fact that it will take several months to accomplish the task of perfecting the next album, so it may be quite a while before Solace of Requiem will be on the road again, after these last few scheduled venues ofcoarse. Don't be worried though, the band has more wisdom to incorporate into their music and they are very eager to show the world what they have learned in the last 3 years. The new album will surely be a masterpiece. See you all on the road in 2006.

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There are New Videos on the videos page and some New Pictures on the pictures page. The videos were taken in Albany, New York at the Sick Shit Fest 4 during Solace of Requiem's set and the new pics were also taken at SSF4 as well as this years Virginia Beach Summer Metal Fest featuring Down the Drain, Art of Destruction, Plague the Suffering, All has Fallen, Terror Kult and of course Solace of Requiem !!!

Click on a blue link and see it All for FREE !!!. Also, the video for Beyond Grace is being shot on the weekend of September 23rd. There will be actors, sets, lights, story boards and all other sorts of shit we know nothing about, but the final product should yield a quality that is unattainable through live footage. Nothing can ever replace the atmosphere the live recordings capture, so they will still be on the site for download, but the video that is being made will definitely offer a new view of the band. This is going to be a really fun experience and we all hope you enjoy it when it's done. There isn't alot that can be said about the video without giving away too much information, but the band is kinda going for a Blair Witch meets American Psycho theme. It is almost Halloween ya know! Check back in a few weeks and maybe it will be up by then...

Saturday, August 27th 2005 The Sick Shit Fest featuring Anal Cunt / Goatmass / Irate / Total Fucking Destruction / 1000 Yard Stare (reunion) / Balls Deep (reunion) / Leukorrhea / Lust of Decay / Torn Asunder / Burn In Silence / Wasteform / Mucopus / Solace of Requiem / Drogheda / Held Under / Heal These Wounds / Hell On Sunday / Lore / Blood Obsession / Organ Harvest / Son of Morning / Psytoxia / Nytrile / Dead by Dawn / Catastasis and Hell is for Heroes was held. Thanks to Greg with Wasteform for letting us in on the most brutal show Albany has ever seen. Solace of Requiem would also like to thank the guys from P.O.O.P (People Offending Other People) and Organ Harvest for ushering in the masses to watch their set. Those dudes have to be the coolest people on the planet.

The band would also like to mention that one of their old friends and former Tidewater resident Chris Harrell has found new success in his band Burn In Silence. Now hailing from Boston, the former singer of the old band Institutional Corruption whom the guys had played many of their first shows with as kids, has just gotten signed to Prosthetic Records. A big congratulations goes out to Chris and the rest of Burn In Silence, those guys have worked hard and they deserve it.

There will be pics of both the Sick Shit Fest 4 and The Virginia Beach Summer Metal Fest posted on the site within the next couple of days. Please check the Pictures Page for those new pics next time you visit.

Saturday, August 20th 2005 The Virginia Beach Summer Metal Fest featuring Xtreem Music recording artists Wasteform / ex - Malevolent Creation Down the Drain / All Has Fallen / AOD and former members of Crawjack & Beaten Back To Pure as Plague the Suffering was held. Wasteform was unable to make it, so Terror Kult from VA was called in to take their place. Thanks to Manos and Xarim for playing a brutal ass set on a seconds notice. You guys are fucking awesome.

I hope no one missed this show! The establishment agreed to allow moshing for the first time and the opportunity was fully taken advantage of. Finding a place to mosh, dance, floor punch or whatever you're into here in Tidewater has been problematic as of late. Now, atleast for one night, people got to raise hell at a show like they are suposed to. This was one hell of a line-up for a Metal show and the best part was that if you had a Military ID, you only had to pay two bucks to get in.

It was an all ages show and it was only five dollars if you were not in the military. Alot of people came out to this one to see the best and sickest New York has to offer as they invaded Virginia Beach for the first time. Over 250 showed up, which is a record for that club. No one has ever brought that many people into Gil's before. To add to the record setting night, Shelley from FM99 WNOR was there to hang out and introduce all the bands. A big thanks to her for coming out and chillin' with us all. It was definitely something that Virginia Beach will never forget. A special Thanks to Brett and the rest of Down the Drain for letting Jeff sing back-up on Your Demise.

Check out the commercial that aired on FM99 WNOR from August 5th to August 20th and the MTV2 commercial that aired on Headbangers Ball, Saturday, August 13th in the Tidewater area...

Broadcast commercial aired on FM99 WNOR for the Virginia Beach Summer Metal Fest.
   (1:07 - 1.6megs)

MTV2 Video Commercial for the Virginia Beach Summer Metal Fest.
   Aired on MTV2's Headbangers Ball, Saturday, August 13th
   Cox Cable in Tidewater only.  (:30 - 1.3megs)

A BIG thanks to ROGG for the creation of the video, be sure to check out his show Fridays @ midnight, Cox Cable, Channel 11 in Chesapeake, VA only.

July 29th and 30th, 2005 the world renowned Milwaukee Metal Fest was scheduled to take place. Solace of Requiem was to be among 80 bands playing the 2 day festival and had been scheduled to play the mainstage at approx. 6:00pm Saturday, July 30th. Unfortunately, the show has been postponed until December 2nd and 3rd of this year. Please visit for information regarding the event's re-scheduling and pre-purchased tickets. If anyone out there is having trouble finding out what the hell happened or needs to see about their tickets, please feel free to Contact Us. Thanks to Jack Koshick for the opportunity and see you all in December, hopefully!!!

The Decimating Utica Tour photos are up now. Click on the blue link to see a few cool pics of Incantation / Circle Of Dead Children / Estuary and EX Malevolent Creation front man Brett Hoffmann on the mic for his new band Down The Drain. New Videos are also up and they are the best ones yet. Just click on the blue link to download some Free Death Metal Videos. There is even a version of the Morbid Angel classic Sworn To The Black. Click on one of the blue links and check it all out for free !!!

Saturday, July 16th 2005 the band returned to Albie's for the Malevolent Creation Reunion featuring former members from Divine Empire and Down The Drain. Our good friends Wasteform were also there to make sure the walls were torn down properly. Mucopus was sick, featuring the vocalist from Skinless. This venue is by far the most brutal place Solace of Requiem has ever played. The pit there is intense, for lack of a better word to describe 250 grown men beating the shit out of each other. I hope you didn't miss this show! Thanks to 'The Metal Brothers Productions' and 'HammerMill Records' for making it all happen.

Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th 2005 Solace of Requiem was on a few tour dates with Pennsylvania Death Lords Aletheian for the release of their new CD Dying Vine. The first show was on Saturday the 25th in Lemoyne, PA at Championship Records and the next was on Sunday the 26th in Hagerstown, MD at the Maugansville Ruritan Club. The band would like to thank Joe and the rest of the guys from Aletheian for having them out and Daniel Paris @ New Breed Entertainment for pulling it all together.

Sunday, June 19th 2005 Solace of Requiem took the stage in Utica, NY. @ Albie's Bar in front of an insane crowd of loyal Metal Heads. Incantation was there, along with Circle of Dead Children, Estuary and Down the Drain. Incantation was spectacular, performing songs from their first full length album Onward to Golgatha all the way through to their current effort Decimate Christendom. Seeing John take over vocal duties on "Christening the Afterbirth" and "Ibex Moon" was sick. They are definitely still a huge force in the Black Metal genre. Thanks to John and the rest of Incantation for hanging out with us and signing autographs. You guys rule!!!

Estuary has a woman on the mic. Not any ordinary woman Death Metal vocalist though, this chick sounds like Chris Barnes. When their brutal songs ended, it was kinda cool to hear a tiny, high pitched voice say "thank you" just before blasting her way back into another low pitched, brutal verse. Circle of Dead Children was there in full force, breaking into doomy riffs after ripping the stage down with super sonic blast beats and causing the mosh pit to turn into more of a battle for survival. Down the Drain was our favorite. How can you not think so when you see the legendary Brett Hoffmann as the front man.

Due to a bunch of BS, Jeff flipped a coin with Scott to see who would go on stage dead last. Jeff won the toss and Scott had to go back and explain to the rest of his band why they wouldn't go on stage until around 1am. Jeff had only a few words on the subject "Should have called tails fucker". Seriously though, we owe you guys one. Thanks to the Metal Brothers, Albie and all of the great Metal bands that played the Decimating Utica Tour. We look forward to seeing all you sick mother fuckers again in July at the Malevolent Creation Reunion...

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Saturday, May 14th 2005 the band played at The Underground Playground in South Norfolk, VA. The guys would like to thank Manos of Plague Swarm and Jimmy of All Has Fallen for asking them to perform. Any show in South Norfolk is worth playing. Especially when it is at one of Plague Swarm's shows. AOD, Sic Seed and 2 other acts also performed. If you haven't seen a show at The Underground Playground yet, go to the very next one they have. What a great place for Metal!!!

Sunday, May 8th 2005 after another record breaking turn out at Gil's in Virginia Beach, Solace of Requiem left for Albie's in Utica, New York to play the Mother's Day Mutilation. The band shared the stage with 12 bands including Internal Bleeding, Wasteform, Organ Harvest and Down the Drain (ex-Malevolent Creation). Getting to see Brett Hoffmann perform was as spectacular as anyone could imagine. Stage presence is not a strong enough word for what he brings to the stage.

Internal Bleeding, Wasteform and Organ Harvest are all amazing musicians and they were in full force Sunday night. If there was a bouncer there, I'm sure he would have had his hands full. After the show the guys hung out with all the bands and made alot of new friends. Surely it won't be the last time the bands are united and that's a good thing since it was obvious to everyone that this was one hell of a line-up.

The band wants to thank the guys from Wasteform for the merch swap, especially Greg for getting lost with Jeff 10 minutes before having to go on stage. All in the name of Mary Jane!!! Solace of Requiem also wants to thank the guys from Down the Drain and Organ Harvest for getting F'ed up with them, especially Chris Benbenek and Organ Harvest's Drummer, whose name escapes me at the moment.

The show was a huge success and the band is excited about returning on June 19th to play with Incantation, Divine Empire and Circle of Dead Children. A date in August is also in the works to bring some of those guys to Tidewater for a show. Any news on that date will be posted as soon as it is confirmed.

Morbid Angel (with David Vincent) has been contacted by The Metal Brothers for a possible show at Albie's in the very near future. Solace of Requiem has been added to that line-up and the venue will also be added to the site once it is confirmed.

Saturday, May 7th 2005 Solace of Requiem took the stage at Gil's in Virginia Beach. Another huge crowd was on hand to see Virginia's most Brutal Metal band. Although it was agreed that there would be no cover charge if you were of drinking age, the establishment decided it was in their best interest to charge $5 at the door regardless of age. The band does not involve themselves in crooked politics and had nothing to do with the decision to charge admission. Solace of Requiem's goal has always been to give the maximum amount of people the opportunity to hear their music. It has never been about the money! The band would like to apologize to anyone who did not get to see them perform because of the door charge.

Solace of Requiem is pleased to announce that the CD is now available at Century Media. The band would like to thank them for all of their help. Without them, the CD's creation would not have been possible. All hail the kings of the underground!!!

The lyrics are a large part of the band personally and musically. The word structure and vocal dynamics are the conductors of the music and since the words are written before the music in some cases, they are also the life's blood of the band. The words not only represent fragments of time, but are actual doorways to another place in time. Each song has an abstract and absolute meaning, both of which have been veiled in darkness and stretched beyond the limits of obscurity. The reward that is attained through the testament's comprehension is priceless. The reward is truth and the truth shall set you free.

Before the creation of the album, the band had to make a choice about what they would do in the studio. The guys knew they had something to give to the world of metal, but they knew they couldn't produce an album of truly superior quality without being on a good label and in a good studio. They wanted a demo to shop to prospective record labels, but they also wanted a recording of more than just 2 or 3 of their songs. They also knew that they would not be satisfied with a recording that was of poor quality.
The band then decided to make a 10 song sample of their abilities, to shop to labels for a possible contract, and to have a full length account of their efforts. The CD was not intended to reach such a broad audience so quickly. The band's hopes were to shop a couple of the songs to record labels to get the chance to re-record the material, along with some new songs, with less time restraint on the production.
However, the CD was released with the full 10 tracks and it's success has made the guys happy they decided to record the full album. With world wide airplay and positive feedback about the CD from all over the world, Solace of Requiem is definitely heading in the right direction.

March 24th, 2005 Solace of Requiem took the stage at the Stainless Steel Easter Ball. 8 of the best bands in Tidewater converged on the Norva in Norfolk, VA for one night. There was a good crowd with well over 500 people showing up and Solace of Requiem took full advantage of the turn-out. There was some video shot at the show and it is by far the best video we have ever captured at one of the live shows. Go to the Video Clips page to check them out for free.
The Ball has brought many new fans to the band and has opened a few doors as well. Solace of Requiem was given the chance to showcase their talent to alot of people who may not normally listen to that style of music. The guys would like to thank Doc Holiday and 'Thunder Across America Concerts' for giving them the opportunity.

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