'Utopia Reborn' Album

"The second full length album from the Virginia Beach Death Metal trio. Featuring backing vocals from Bret Hoffmann (Malevolent Creation) and mastered by sound guru Andy Classen.
(Krisiun, Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Sinister, Etc.)"

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  1. Theoretics - 4:14
  2. Red Sea - 3:43
  3. Language of the Gods - 5:47
  4. Lost / Vapors - 4:53
  5. Deceiver - 4:52
  6. To Suffer Mortality - 5:21
  7. Beyond Grace - 4:14
  8. Your Last Enemy - 5:02
  9. Cry Out For Mercy - 5:29

Mixed by Mario Dahmen at WorldsEnd Studio in Kall, Germany.
Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Borgentriech, Germany (2006)

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    Language of the Gods  (5:47 - 13.2MB)
    Red Sea  (3:43 - 8.5MB)
    Beyond Grace (new version)  (4:13 - 9.68MB)

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Metal Maniacs Magazine - March 2007 (D. Gehlke)
"For a power trio, Solace of Requiem pack a rather heavy punch, throwing jabs and hooks via a healthy assortment of angular, crunchy riffing and mosh parts that are thicker than a steak at the country buffet. The mid-section of "Red Sea" exemplifies this best, as a slow, lurching riff blasts the song off into a morbid Angel-like solo section that is worthy repeated listens. Instead of taking the easy route and pummeling the listener with an endless barrage of blastbeats and tempos that test the limits of a metronome, Solace of Requiem prefer to let its riffs and structures do the talking. In "Language of the Gods" and album highlight "Lost/Vapors", the band dishes out '90s-esque riffage that would have the Florida oldschool foaming at the mouth, while epic album closer "Cry Out for Mercy" proves the band has a knack for errie and carresing dynamics...."

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