'The Great Awakening' Album

"SOR's third full length album produced by the great Andy Classen (Krisiun, Belphegor, Rotting Christ and many more..) at Stage One Studio in Germany. Solace of Requiem has teamed up with producer Andy Classen to usher in a new era of Death Metal. While others in the genre have strived to become more technical on their instruments, SOR has strived to become more technical with their song writing. There is no doubt that musicians should be good on their instruments but the technical aspects of music should not be limited to the instrumentation alone. Solace of Requiem has created a sound that is not only instrumentally technical but is also technical in structure. The main focus for SOR is to properly orchestrate the emotions between lyrics and music, while maintaining a high level of technicality in instrumentation and composition. The band has blended together Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom, Thrash, Jazz, Rock and many other forms of music to create an extremely diverse sound that makes SOR unique."

The Great Awakening album cover by Solace Of Requiem

  1. Transcending The Archaic - 2:08
  2. Rivers - 3:19
  3. Divine Punishment - 3:12
  4. Mariner - 3:21
  5. Those Born To Suffer - 3:36
  6. Perspective From The Tesseract - 1:42
  7. Scourge Of Wills - 4:43
  8. Arctic Reflections - 3:48
  9. Homage To Shiva - 3:56

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Germany. Cover Art by Gragoth and Luciferium War Graphics. Cover Concept by Jeff Sumrell, Original Cover Concept "The Nightmare" by Henry Fuseli in 1781. Band Photos by Anja Pesek and Captive Imagery. Layout by Jeff Sumrell and Captive Imagery. All music and lyrics by Jeff Sumrell (except songs 6 and 7, co-written by Chris Armijo). Self-Released 2008.

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    Rivers  (3:19 - 7.59MB)
    Arctic Reflections  (3:48 - 8.72MB)
    Those Born To Suffer  (3:36 - 8.25MB)

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